Missions / Church Planting

Our heart is to spread the Gospel throughout the world and some ways we do this is by missions trips, evangelism events, training pastors, and planting churches. Nick Griemsmann recently came back from an evangelism trip to Pakistan. He connected with local leaders, held Gospel meetings, encouraged pastors, and saw many people supernaturally healed by the Holy Spirit. The Father's Friends has adopted a church and is helping the pastors spread the Gospel throughout the land. This church is very poor and the Christians are persecuted for their faith (see video interview below). Please pray for the our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and perhaps ask the Lord if you are supposed to help financially with our missions work there. We are publishing an evangelism book entitled 'God loves Pakistan' as well as creating a sewing school for the uneducated poor widows to come and learn how to sew so they can make an income. We hold livestream healing meetings where people come from miles away to hear the Gospel and be healed of their infirmities, and our plans also include building churches in villages. For those of you wondering; the cost of a new church building that would hold 200+ people is $4000. As you can see we have amazing opportunities to help people and to bring the Gospel to Pakistan. We would appreciate your prayers and your financial help with our missions and church planting work. You can click here for our giving page. God bless you!